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The Facts About Dental Insurance

If the mere thought of dental insurance gives you a headache, you are not alone. But understanding how your plan works is critical to making the most out of your investment. People who use their dental insurance benefits are more likely to enjoy better oral health -- which has a positive impact their overall health, too. The office of Anthony Dillard DDS, your Cigna dentist in Carrollton, will gladly file your insurance claims and assist in any other way that’s helpful for you. We want to help make paying for your dental care a breeze!

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

Dental insurance works a lot like your medical insurance. There are PPO (preferred provider organization) plans, which will offer a list of dentists you can choose from to provide your care. These dentists are in-network, meaning they have come to an agreement with the dental insurance provider to offer certain services at a reduced rate.

Dental insurance plans can also be HMO, or health maintenance organizations. These plans allow you greater flexibility in who provides your care -- meaning even if a dentist is out-of-network, or one who hasn’t come to an agreement with the provider, you may still be able to receive discounted services.

Most dental insurance plans will require you to meet a deductible, or a fixed amount you must pay out of pocket before your benefits will kick in. After you have met your deductible, you will have an annual maximum, or the amount of money beyond which your dental insurance will not pay for services.

Most dental insurance plans renew or start over at the beginning of each new year.

Importance of Regular Preventive Care

Most dental insurance plans will completely cover the basic preventive care that people of all ages need: two checkups and cleanings per year. Sometimes annual x-rays are covered, too. Necessary restorative treatments, like fillings, tooth replacement, or gum disease treatment are often partially or fully covered.

Why are regular hygiene appointments free with dental insurance? For a simple reason -- because these six month checkups and cleanings are the best way to prevent the need for larger, more expensive treatments later on.

When you stay on top of your preventive visits to the dentist, you are allowing us to remove the plaque and tartar buildup that causes cavities and gum disease. And regular visits help us notice the small changes in your mouth that indicate larger issues -- like gum disease, faulty dental work, and even oral cancer.

Children should begin visiting the dentist around the time their first tooth erupts, with regular appointments beginning no later than age one. A checkup and cleaning is an important part of dental hygiene for people of all ages. Take advantage of your coverage for preventive dental care with regular visits to the dentist!

Let’s Discuss Your Coverage Today!

At the office of Anthony Dillard DDS, we are happy to file your insurance claims and help with anything else related to your dental insurance. Call us to talk about your benefits and what services you can take advantage of this year!  

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