3 Ways to Fix Small Teeth

November 20, 2023

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Have you noticed that your teeth are smaller than those of your friends or family? This condition is known as microdontia, characterized by one or more teeth being smaller than the average size. Small teeth can stem from various factors. The good news is that your dentist can effectively address this concern. Read on to explore the common causes of microdontia and discover ways to enhance the appearance of your teeth.

3 Possible Causes of Microdontia

There are many potential causes of microdontia, including genetic disorders, hereditary traits, developmental issues, including a cleft palate or exposure to radiation. Additionally, teeth grinding or damage can lead to excessive wear and may contribute to shorter teeth.

3 Types of Microdontia

It’s also worth noting that there are various forms of microdontia. This condition can be organized into three main types:

  • Localized Microdontia: Only one or a small number of teeth exhibit dimensions smaller than the typical average. This condition can impact either the root or crown of the tooth and is typically observed in the upper teeth. Among the different types, localized microdontia is the most commonly encountered.
  • Relative Generalized Microdontia: In instances of relative generalized microdontia, the teeth might be inherently average in size, yet their appearance as small stems from factors such as an abundance of gum tissue concealing the teeth or an unusually enlarged jaw structure.
  • True Generalized Microdontia: This type of microdontia is frequently linked to pituitary dwarfism, also recognized as growth hormone deficiency. In individuals experiencing genuine generalized microdontia, inadequate production of growth hormone by the pituitary gland results in all teeth being smaller than average.

3 Ways to Fix Microdontia

Your dentist possesses various techniques to enhance the visual impact of your smile, creating the illusion of larger teeth. These procedures encompass:

  • Dental crowns – These are tooth-colored caps enveloping the entire visible part of a tooth, known as the crown. Crafted from materials like porcelain, resin, metal, or ceramic, dental crowns are typically used for repairing damaged teeth but can also be employed to augment the perceived size of teeth.
  • Cosmetic dental bonding – This involves the application of a color-matched composite resin to conceal imperfections. Skillful application can subtly reshape the teeth, providing a lengthened and more substantial appearance.
  • Porcelain veneers – Custom-made thin porcelain shells, known as veneers, are affixed to the front surface of your teeth. Your dentist may remove a small amount of enamel to ensure proper adhesion and a seamless integration with your smile. Veneers prove highly effective in altering the size and shape of your teeth, creating the optical illusion of larger teeth.

Boost your smile confidence by discussing the mentioned options with your dentist. Soon, you’ll enjoy the perks of a uniform, proportionate smile you’ll proudly showcase!

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