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Preventive Pre-Orthodontic Treatment for Children

Dr. Dillard specializes in naturally treating young children who show signs and symptoms of crooked teeth. Often, children breathe with their mouth, or have incorrect tongue positioning. Incorrect tongue positioning can cause a narrow jaw. As a result, children can begin mouth breathing, because their face is not growing forward as intended.

By treating children naturally by eight years of age, we do not stunt the growth of their jaw.

A child’s face needs to grow forward for them to have a fully grown airway. Certain types of orthodontic treatment may stunt the growth of children’s faces. As a result, your child may end up with disrupted breathing and sleep apnea for the rest of their lives.

As a matter of fact, crooked teeth are apparent from three to five years of age. Generally, traditional orthodontic practices are to wait until all adult teeth have erupted before addressing teeth overcrowding. Teeth straightening options, such as traditional braces do not address the cause of overcrowded teeth. Even worse, teenagers may need teeth extracted to make room to move the remaining teeth.

The video below calls for an end to orthodontic growth stunting.

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